About us

Our mission

Formed as a European Economic Interest Group (EEIG), Med College is born from the union of the multifaceted skills of professionals in the field of integrated communications and specialized senior doctors from different nationalities.

Aware of the computerization process that has invested in recent years the world of health care, Med College intends to offer to all the Doctors and all health care innovative tools organizations to optimize not only the medical business management but also the communication flows with the patient.

  • Responsive Web Design Website for Medical Office
  • App Optimization for Iphone, Ipad, Android Smartphone and Tablets
  • Leading-edge web solutions


With a small initial investment you will obtain an attractive well-formed website, optimized for high visibility on main browsers.

Thanks to the brand-new Responsive technology, your website will allow fast and smart web browsing from all devices.

You will also benefit from our copywriters’ competence and experience, and from our designers’ creativity for a website with attractive contents and design.


Attractive, ergonomic and operational apps.

We will look after all aspects of your app development project, from creation to release and maintenance.

Your patients will be able to free download the app from Apple Store and Google Play, enjoying an exclusive service that will prove Physician’s efficiency and innovation propensity.